KCLS is an independent, not-for-profit community legal service. We provide free legal, financial counselling and tenancy services to financially disadvantaged people in the Kimberley.

KCLS is the largest remotely located civil law service in Australia, and 84 per cent of our clients are Aboriginal.

We operate across Western Australia's Kimberley region from our offices in Kununurra and Broome, servicing urban and remote towns and communities.

Our Mission

To be a dynamic organisation that works with the people and communities of the Kimberley to make a positive difference.

Our Vision

Dignity, human rights and social justice for all people in the Kimberley.

Our Values & Principles

  • Empathy and Respect - we will be understanding, non-judgemental and will treat all people with acceptance and dignity, respecting culture, social and individual values and differences.

  • Dedication and Commitment - we will work in a manner which is proactive, organised and shows commitment and persistence, driven by client needs and the pursuit of social justice.

  • Integrity and Honesty - we will be honest, fair and transparent in our dealings and will accept accountability for our actions and honour the commitments we make.

  • Teamwork and Collaboration - we will nurture teamwork in the workplace and collaborative partnerships with others in achieving holistic services and programs.

  • Improvement and Innovation - we will continuously improve what we do, be open to client and stakeholder feedback and always seek more 'Kimberley' - effective and innovative approaches.

OUR Objectives

  1. To provide legal advice, information, support and representation to the people of the Kimberley in a readily accessible and culturally appropriate way, with particular regard to people who are unable to access other legal services.

  2. To provide community legal education to inform the Kimberley community of their legal rights, with the aim of enabling people to recognise, understand and solve their own legal and related problems.

  3. To provide community education, training and resources to groups, professionals, workers and individuals, to increase their ability to support people with legal issues.

  4. To initiate and promote research and evaluation of existing laws and legal processes and work towards law reform in areas of relevance to the Kimberley community.

  5. To encourage and facilitate community participation in and control over, the work and management of the Service.

  6. To provide a legal service to women in the Kimberley especially in areas where mainstream legal services are not readily accessible.

Our History

KCLS owes its beginnings to a group of Kimberley women, concerned for the welfare and safety of women and youth in their communities. It all began in 1996 .....




What We've Achieved

In 2014-15, KCLS provided assistance to 1229 clients, comprised of:

  • 459 new clients

  • 169 repeat clients

  • 601 existing clients.

We conducted 96 community legal education and law reform projects.

Our Staff

KCLS currently has 14 staff working across the Kimberley, operating out of our offices in Kununurra and Broome, and outreach locations across the region.

Our Board

Our community-based Board of Management has a balance of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal members.