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Our partners are vital. Together, we provide essential services across an area larger than Victoria and Tasmania combined, and tackle systemic injustices in our community.

Why donate to KCLS?

1. KCLS does good work that no other service is able to provide across the Kimberley

We help people keep their homes, manage their finances, be safe from violence, keep their families together, and exercise their rights as citizens of our nation. To find out more about our legal work, click here.

For every dollar spent ... on funding CLCs, these services return a benefit to society that is 18 times that cost.
— John Storer, Judith Stubbs and Colleen Lux, June 2012

2. Community Legal Centres have a tremendous social impact

In 2012, John Storer, Judith Stubbs and Colleen Lux completed a rigorous cost-benefit analysis of community legal centres (CLCs).

The full report by Storer, Stubbs and Lux - Economic Cost Benefit Analysis of Community Legal Centres - is available here.

3. Each donation goes a long way

KCLS will keep you updated on the impact of your donation, as you help to ensure that future generations are better off than their parents in access to legal representation, respect for human rights and protection from discrimination. 



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