Trying to understand and organise your Centrelink payments can be complicated. KCLS lawyers may be able to help. 

What can we help you with?

Arranging Centrepay deductions to pay your bills and rent

KCLS can help you to set-up ongoing deductions to pay for utilities, such as electricity accounts with Horizon Power. We can also draft a budget so you don’t sign up to something you can’t afford.

Helping you understand your payments and confirm your entitlements

Many people have several deductions set up to pay their bills. It can be difficult to understand where your money's going, and make sure that you're receiving the correct amount. KCLS can help you talk to Centrelink to make sure you're receiving the correct payments.

Appealing Centrelink decisions you do not agree with

Centrelink officers can make decisions about your payments. For example, they can decide to stop your payments permanently or temporarily if they think you no longer qualify for Centrelink. If you think this decision is wrong, you can speak to KCLS and we may be able to assist you to appeal the decision.

Talking to you about Centrelink in your community

There are some Centrelink programs that change the way you receive your Centrelink money:

  • Some people are on a program that gives them a card called the Basicscard.  For these people half of their Centrelink money goes onto the Basicscard. KCLS can talk to you about the Basicscard and help you to understand your payments and if you are having any problems with the card, we can help you if you want to complain. 
  • Starting at the end of April 2016 Kununurra and Wyndham are  part of a new Centrelink project called the ‘Cashless Debit Card’.  Most people who receive Centrelink in Kununurra and Wyndham and the communities in between will be affected. KCLS can talk to you about the Cashless Debit Card and help you to understand your payments and if you are having any problems with the card, we can help you if you want to complain. 

Case Study: Amira

Amira has chosen to volunteer for income management. This means part of her money will be managed by Centrelink through the Basicscard. Amira now receives half of her Centrelink income on this card, which she can use to buy essentials such as groceries or fuel.

Even though Amira wants to be on income management, she doesn’t really understand how much money she's meant to receive. She also wants to set up regular payments for her rent and electricity from her Basicscard.    

KCLS can help Amira to:

  • speak to Centrelink to confirm how much money she's receiving in her bank account and on her Basicscard;
  • set up regular deductions to pay for Amira's rent and electricity; and
  • help Amira to apply for an exemption from income management if she decides she no longer wants her payments to be managed by Centrelink. 

Want our help?

Call us for free on 1800 686 020. You can get more information on how to contact KCLS here:

You can contact KCLS by phone to arrange to talk to our staff when the visit your community. KCLS is happy to be invited to talk with groups and at meetings.